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Global Smartphone Penetration





2015: 35% of the world population owns a smartphone

Irrespective if mobile devices are the core of your product, represent a customer service touch point or serve as a communication medium – their business significance can no longer be overlooked.

By 2020, this penetration is expected to double out with over 70% of population using smart mobile devices, representing a paramount opportunity if leveraged correctly.

our catalyst approach


We work like catalysts do.
We help to build up your in-house mobile business capacity, while accelerating and making this transition effortless for you.

Our service rests on five strategic pillars, each designed to create sustainable business benefit for you.



formulating your mobile strategy from research to detailed planning


acting as your hands-on sparring partner to deliver tangible results


designing an operating framework that best serves your business objective


establishing your in-house mobile expertise and capacity


developing processes to harness the benefits of mobile opportunity

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about mercury black


The mobile opportunity is evident, however, mastering its ever-changing environment is a fair challenge.


We see this process as journey that each organisation needs to embark on, if they would like to ensure its long term success. But you don’t need to walk this path alone.

Inspired by Mercury, the Roman God of Commerce & Travel – mercury black is set out to assist businesses and organisations on their journey to establish their mobile footprint.


Our primary objective is to help you build up your in-house mobile business capacity through our catalyst approach.

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